Professional endorsements for Quest of the Keys book and curriculum…

Richard Paul Evans #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of The Christmas Box and Michael Vey
Like a work from Og Mandino, this is a well-told story that pushes the limits of what one usually expects of a fantasy fiction novel.

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Kristi Cobb Coach and Educator – Ouachita Parish District
The impact of Quest of the Keys on our students’ lives will be incredible. There are so many positive ways this character education program helps students with their mindset. The social and emotional components of Quest of the Keys will benefit students beyond the classroom.

Gregg Taylor High School English Teacher, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Quest of the Keys, a fantasy-fiction novel, was not only entertaining for my ninth grade students, but was also packed with some great life lessons.  In an age where adolescents are being bombarded with confusing messages about what success means in life, Quest of the Keys presents proven principles woven into the story: purpose, passion, priorities, planning, potential, problem solving, persistence, and people skills. No matter your stage in life, these eight traits will help shape your character in a positive way. I recommend Quest of the Keys for entertainment purposes and character education.

George Sarmiento Jr. Attorney in the Air Force
The “Quest of the Keys” linking of purpose and passion really resonated with me.  By taking my purpose of helping others achieve their goals and combining it with my passion for learning, I am able to instill a passion for learning in the students that I coach and tutor.  By constantly improving my own knowledge and skills and sharing that knowledge freely, I am able to help others find their own purpose and passion and guide them on the path to success.

Donna Underwood LearningTECH Quest School Director
In Quest of the Keys, Scotty Sanders presents valuable life skills in a most creative, powerful way that will pull young readers into the plot while learning how to approach life’s challenges. As Decklen unlocks the eight scrolls, young readers learn the importance of establishing goals, of persevering through the obstacles of reaching those goals, and of experiencing the overwhelming fulfillment of reaching those goals. Quest of the Keys is a must read for educators who daily teach character building in their classrooms and for students developing sound characters in their life quests.

Terri Baumann Director of Curriculum - Responsive Education Solutions
I really liked the story, theme, plot, and characters. Camberly is adorable and funny–she’s so spunky! The main character, Decklen, is the big brother figure you can look up to and challenge yourself to be more like. The setting is fantasy but not too unrealistic. The plot is excellent! I can’t wait for the next two books. As a curriculum developer, I love that the storyline hooks readers while the relationship skills woven into the words actually teach you how to be a better person. Since our society needs positive influences, both parents and teachers will enjoy knowing that this type of material is being used in schools.

Joyce Wood Northeast Baptist School Librarian
Quest of the Keys is a daring and adventurous story with plenty of action to hold the reader’s attention. On top of an already heroic story, the development of Decklen’s character is like “icing on the cake.” It’s exactly the kind of literature I want our students to have in their hands—the kind that will make an impression on their hearts as well!

Brad Lanham BGS Pharmacy Partners- President/CEO
Awesome! Quest of the Keys was not only written with tremendous imagination, which made it very entertaining, it was also full of excellent wisdom. The impact potential on the next generation for character and leadership development is enormous. I would encourage all aspiring leaders to get a copy for themselves because the principals are timeless. It was a great read!

Jenn Gotzon Award Winning Film Actress (Frost Nixon, Dooby)
Scotty Sanders is a wonderful writer and “Quest of the Keys” is a great resource for so many, young and old, to grapple with the meaning of life and what it means to be successful and live life with passion and purpose.

Kym Carter Co-Founder and President of Legacy Moms
What a valuable resource for parents who desire to raise the next generation with the character qualities that are necessary to find their God-given purpose in life and make a real difference in our world. Scotty Sanders has written an exciting and thought-provoking story that should be on the required-reading list for all educators of young adults.

Teddy Allen, Author Shreveport Times Newspaper Columnist
C.S. Lewis knew the value of fantasy fiction in storytelling, and because of it, his timeless themes and messages have reached readers through generations. To accomplish the same purpose, Scotty Sanders isn’t afraid to leave his comfort zone. He breaks new ground here with “Quest of the Keys,” good storytelling that will teach, encourage and inspire – and will likely earn Sanders another attentive, and grateful, audience.

Chuck Cook, CEO Responsive Education Solutions
Quest of the Keys quickly draws the reader into an exciting, realistic, and absorbing storyline. It creatively addresses two of life’s often asked questions. One, what is my real purpose in life? And two, if I find that purpose, will I be willing to commit to it? Be ready for an enjoyable experience.

Jennifer Hickl Former HR Manager for Accenture Consulting
As a leader and mentor, Scotty has many simple rules for solid leadership that I use daily. Quest of the Keys, teaches these principles in an entertaining and thought-provoking manner. His novel will teach and inspire!

Keith Rushing Former CEO and Founder of Monroe Packaging LLC
Scotty has brilliantly laid out his 8 success principles in this fantasy fiction novel. The entertainment value alone is worth the read! This book is on the cutting edge of how our young future leaders will learn.

Tim Springfield Professional Development Coordinator<br />Responsive Education Solutions
I finished reading Quest of the Keys at 1:15AM, could not put it down. When is the second and third book coming out, can’t wait.